Hi Everyone – Myself Dimpal

Health and fitnessFor those who are visiting my page for the first time, most welcome! Stay Healthy and Fit. I hope that together, you and I can help each other to lead a life that is healthier, Fit, more balanced, confident and creative.

I have started this site to share with you all my love and fascination for three things that have greatly improved my personal life:-
• Staying Healthy and fit
• Eating food that is both delicious and healthy
• Growing interest through commitment to personal faith and life mission


To live healthy lifestyle, we people choose healthy foods, more exercise and physical activity into your daily routine and practice for good hygiene. But  you  also need to avoid unhealthy habits, like fad dieting and neglecting at-least 6- 7 hours sleep.

My life mission is “To love and value myself and help other people to do the same.” Admiring, loving & delighting yourself who we are starts from inside. Everyday I endeavor to improve myself by observing my thoughts, deeds, emotions & most importantly how I treat others in my surrounding. Hence by learning importance of yourself and know who you are, you people are creating inner peace and greater fulfillment in your personal life.

So this site will be a combination of fun, lifestyle, FITNESS, Nutritional Advice and Simple VEG Delicious Recipes (FOOD). And not forgetting our commitment of personal growth in bringing the best out of you here. Stay Healthy And Fit!