Jumping Rope/Skipping: Make Rope A Must Have Tool In Your Gym Bag.

Skipping rope or jumping rope games of childhood have gotten an adult makeover in fitness community with intense calorie-burning potential.  Jumping rope is a training tool that can help you burn lot of calories in short period of time. With a few added benefits — it’s cheap, doesn’t require any gym membership and it’s portable.

Benefits of Jumping Rope or skipping

Jumping rope is cardiovascular exercise that not only burns calories, also strengthens lungs and heart. If you’re jumping rope to calories burn & flatten stomach, you may not need to exercise as long as you would do with other less intense exercises.  Jumping rope is high intensity and burns lot of calories during a short period.


Traditionally, jumping rope falls under cardiovascular exercise category.  When jump ropes are used for longer duration sessions, you may burn lot of calories. The great thing about varying your jump rope training to include shorter, high-intensity interval sets. So that you are getting higher muscle activation and recruiting more muscle fibers for upper and lower body. This will help you build muscle over time,


Jump rope is an excellent tool for enhancing athletic performance and one of the main reasons the rope is so popular. Anyone that competes in sport that involves coordination, footwork, quickness, hand speed, agility, rhythm, and even power  will definitely benefit from jumping rope. If you take a look back at videos of best boxers in history –Muhammad Ali, Mike Tyson, Floyd Mayweather etc then you will find that they are amazing with jump rope.  The top athletes are using because there are so many performance benefits of jumping rope.

Work Your Muscles

Jumping rope is full body exercise that targets all major muscle groups. With every turn of rope, you engage your rectum abdominal muscle that runs along front of your abs and obliques that run along sides of your abs. Your calves, quadriceps,  hamstrings  and gluts help your body upward with every jump. Lastly, the motion used to turn the rope engages your arm muscles, back & chest.


They are very portable. If you are traveling or have limited space in gym bag, it’s convenient tool to have. If you look at expense of typical cardio machines like treadmills, ellipticals or stationary bikes – those can cost huge amount. But you can get a decent jump rope for few bucks.


One of the main perks of jump rope is satisfaction and enjoyment that comes with it. The initial difficulty of learning to jump is often a barrier for many people. It takes time and effort to learn jump rope and learn variety of skills and that’s why you might not see a whole lot of individuals jumping at gym. Learning to jump is very satisfying feeling. It keeps people engaged and challenge also helps to avoid monotony inherent in many types of cardiovascular exercises that lead to disinterest.


A random jump roping session might not do much.  But within the context of high-intensity interval routine jumping rope can be easily integrated to achieve great results. You can also jump rope between sets of other exercises or total skips, etc to suit your needs for workout.

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