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Walking: An Hour A Day Keeps The Fat Away

Walking is one of the most underrated exercise options which costs nothing, boosts energy, improves cardiovascular health, with its benefits.

Why Walking?

So many workouts, then so many excuses. Swimming? Hate getting wet.  Running? Cramps in your side. Spin class? A headache. Pilates? Very Expensive. Then  Walking? Um… Finally an exercise truly devoid of the downsides. It might not be flashy or cool but according to growing scientific evidence, it can deliver an array of benefits that are just as impressive as gained from sportier regimens.

Walking is versatile.

Whether you’re staying local or traveling to somewhere, exploring neighborhood on your foot is the easiest way to get into moving. It clears your head, gets you outside, maintains your fitness and because it is low impact, so doesn’t  cause any injury as other sports.

You’ll get an endorphin & serotonin boost.

Scheduling a walking meeting with boss or client not only gets you out of neon-lit conference room, but commits you people to including exercise into your daily schedule. What’s more, release of endorphins & serotonin brings on natural high, making that pay raise or contract so much easier to negotiate.

Listen to music.

Walking solo? If you don’t have time to listen to your favorite number at your desk, download them. Just stay alert of your surroundings if you’re on walk with headphones, and check your phone carrier’s.


You’ll meet people.

If you’ve always wanted to participate in marathon, buddy up with friend and train for walking marathon — it’s great place to start. Or if you prefer something less intense, join any walking group or attend a local walking meetup into  your city. Who knows what you’ll discover or to whom you’ll meet…


Walking is good for you.

Don’t be into the myth that walk isn’t sweaty or strenuous enough to offer the real benefits. Research shows that regular brisk walk is associated with lower blood pressure, improves your  mood and better your cholesterol ratio.


Tips For Getting The Most Out Of Your Walking


Make sure you have right shoes.

Many people don’t prefer exercise because they have foot pain; this is when comfortable shoes can help you. Make sure the shoes you choose allow your feet to breathe and offer arch support  if necessary, consult with specialist to help you choose right and comfortable shoes.


Try interval training.

If you can’t able to walk for 30 consecutive minutes, please divvy it up. Walk during your lunch break, take stairs whenever possible or park your car at  furthest end of parking area. It’s  perfectly OK to split time into three 10-minute slot  throughout  day.


Measure your steps.

Track your walk with pedometer or any other wearable device. Measuring progress gives you  that extra bit of motivation.  Whether your goal is reaching of 10,000 steps or clocking 30 minutes of walk daily. Furthermore, a study found that people who used pedometers walked about one extra mile each day (or 2,000 steps) compared to those who didn’t monitor their steps.  Analysis also found that their blood pressure and weight were lowered too.


Give your feet some extra care.

Massaging your feet is a good way to relieve from stress and prevent future strain. Before heading to bed, knead your soles, arches and toes with some warm oil or get your significant other to do it for you.

So let’s start movement — let’s get up, lace up, and then hit the road!


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